EL6 Electric Lithium-Ion Golf Cart by SPITZER

EL6 Electric Lithium-Ion Golf Cart

The SPITZER EL6 Is Here! Winner of 2012 IF Product Design Award

New for 2013! The EL6 Lithium-Ion Ultra Light Weight chassis allows you to enjoy the game of golf without carrying your bag or pulling/pushing your golf cart. This award winning ultra light-weight aluminum-alloy framed electric cart can carry up to 25kg and be easily navigated around hills and rough. The EL6's radical design is a true blend of form and function.

The SPITZER EL6 features Quick Release wheels and an exclusive folding system makes for convenient and easy transportation. A powerful and highly efficient motor is supplied by a ultra-compact battery that holds enough power to easily navigate 18 holes of a championship grade golf course.

SPITZER EL6 Handle Control Fob:

  • Fully Wireless Control Fob: Carry this in your hand to advance your cart forward or stop at the push of a button - No need to keep your hand on the cart handle (10m range)
  • Speed Control: Control the speed of the cart but turning the knob to increase or decrease speed
  • SPITZER Auto-Run Mode with user-selectable distances at 10, 20 or 30m - set the distance to the desired yardage and press to go!

Item # EL6_EC
Price $1,299.99  $999.00