Edge Hybrids/Irons Combo Set by CALLAWAY

Edge Hybrids/Irons Combo Set

The Callaway Edge Set is the easiest to hit, most forgiving hybrid irons set we've ever made. And as if that wasn't enough, they're great looking hybrid irons.

High MOI Design
The amount of forgiveness and playability on the Edge Set is...well, it's just incredible. Each club features the highest MOI in the Callaway iron fleet. You're welcome.

High Launch Hybrid Design
The optimized CG created by higher launch angles makes these hybrids the easiest to hit hybrids in the Callaway lineup. We think you'll like that A LOT.

Hollow Iron Design
After lowering the CG, and increasing forgiveness and launch angles we can say with absolute certainty...these are the easiest-to-hit irons we make. Wow, that feels so good to say!

Set Progression
Distance and accuracy are in each club. They're designed for maximum forgiveness, and an easier to hit replacement for long irons. You might start to get this strange feeling of extra confidence. Don't be alarmed.

Item # Edge_Combo_I
Price $599.99